August 26, 2019

Data Loss Prevention: Are Computer Backups Necessary?

data loss prevention

Why You Should Backup Your Computer

It’s a question we’ve all asked – do I need to backup my computer? The answer, in short, is yes. Even if you have a brand new computer, data loss can occur.  From unexpected power surges to hardware malfunctions, one disaster can wipe all the important data from your computer and can leave you wondering how to recover valuable pictures and files. Laptops can make you vulnerable to data loss as they can be damaged or stolen. Here are some things you need to know about data loss.


5 Facts About Data Loss


1. Losing Financial Records Causes Problems

For American citizens, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires that everyone keeps a record of their deductible expenses for at least 3 years. Unfortunately, if you lose that data, the IRS doesn’t care how you lost it. They just care that you don’t have those financial records. Needless to say, a computer backup could help you avoid going back and forth with regulatory commissions.


2. 35% Of Data Loss Is Credited To Malwaremalware

Malware is software that is designed to damage your computer, server, or network – its core goal is to sabotage your data. With 9 different kinds of malware and a variety of ways that it’s downloaded, preventing malware from harming your computer can be a challenge. If you want to learn more about malware and how it’s downloaded, check out our blog on malware.


3. 22% Of Small Businesses Who Experience Data Loss Stop Operations

Even if data can be recovered, the downtime has proven to cause just as much harm as the loss. According to a report by Osterman Research, about 22% of small businesses who lose data due to a ransomware attack have to stop business operations immediately. This leads to an average of 15% loss in business revenue. 


4. USB Flash Drives Don’t Backup Your Computerflash drives

When we think about backing up our computers, we think about saving specific files. Maybe there’s financial information, school papers, or family photos that we want to keep for the long haul. We can load those files onto a flash drive, but that doesn’t mean that your computer is now backed up. If something happens to your Mac or PC, your computer can still be wiped clean of the programs and tools you use daily.


5. Losing Data Delays Business Growth

If data loss occurs, you’ll have to work to recover missing files. Whether that means rewriting a report or rebuilding your client database, the time it takes to recover missing data is taking away from time that you could be growing your business.


Help With Data Loss Prevention


At Computer PROS, we know that data loss can be a major setback for businesses and individuals alike. That’s why we started offering the PROCareCloud total computer service. Through this premium service, our customers can get unlimited in-store tech support, unlimited, encrypted and secure backup to the cloud, proactive anti-virus & anti-malware protection, and more. We know how important your data and security are, and we want to help you protect it. 

Want to make sure your data is secure? Call us at 615-383-8200 or stop by our store and one of our Computer Pros can help sign you up for our PROCareCloud service and data protection plan! We’ll help you protect your investment and your data. Have you already lost valuable data? Our computer technicians also offer data recovery services. Come by the store today to get started with data recovery!

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