November 9, 2019

Gearing Up For Tax-Free Weekend

tax-free weekend july 2019


Everything You Need To Know About Tax-Free Weekend

A weekend with no taxes, no lines, and no fuss? Sounds pretty great, right? That’s what tax-free weekend is! For one weekend only, computers and other electronics are tax-exempt, giving you sweet discounts on the items you want. At Computer PROS, we’ve gotten several questions about tax-free weekend in Tennessee and what it means for our store. Here’s a list of answers to the questions you’ve been asking.


Tax-Free Weekend FAQs


When is tax-free weekend? 

Tax-free weekend in Tennessee 2019 starts on Friday, July 26th and ends Sunday, July 28th. 


tax exempt ipadWhat products that we sell are considered tax-free by Tennessee that weekend? Does the tax exemption include iPads and accessories? 

Computers with a purchase price of $1,500 or less, including tablets (iPads, etc..), qualify as tax exempt. Computer parts and accessories do not qualify as tax-exempt (unless they are part of a system build, such as a keyboard included with a desktop). Extended warranties also do not qualify as tax exempt.


macbook tax exemptIf a computer is over $1500, is part of it tax free and part not? What if I buy 2 computers?

If a computer or tablet is $1,500 or less, it is completely tax exempt. If it is $1,501 or more, it is not considered tax exempt – it would be taxed as normal.  Many of our most popular computers fall under the $1,500 threshold (and thus tax exempt), including new MacBook Airs, new 13″ non-touchbar MacBook Pros, new 21″ iMacs, pre-owned Apple computers, and the majority of our PC laptops! Multiple computers can be purchased tax-free, as long as each falls under $1,500. 


Can I pre-order a computer for tax free weekend? Can I pick it up early? Is there a way I can avoid the crowds?

Yes, and we strongly recommend pre-ordering….in fact, we are taking pre-orders now! By prepaying, we can have your computer bagged and ready for you to pick up on tax-free weekend (including completing any service work needed). You will not be able to pick up the computer early and still get the tax exemption; however, pre-ordering minimizes the hassle and lets you avoid the crowds by allowing us to have your computer ready to go on Friday the 26th!


How does it work if I need data transferred to a computer I am buying on tax-free weekend?

We will have technicians standing by on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of tax-free weekend to assist with data transfers and software installs. The time required will vary based on how many we have checked in and the amount of data you have on your old laptop. The most efficient way to get your data transferred, however, is to pre-order your new computer before tax-free weekend, bring in your old computer sometime in the week leading up to tax free weekend, and leave it with us to get the transfer going. Depending on when you bring it in, we will do our best to have it complete and ready for you to pick up starting Friday, July 26th. We also offer our ProCare service, which expedites the process to the front of our service queue line!


backpack tax-freeAre there any specials, deals or bundles for tax-free weekend, beyond the tax free part?

Yes! During tax-free weekend, you can receive $50-off any new or regular priced pre-owned computer, $100-off the ProCare service and support plan, pre-owned computer specials, Apple deep discounts, and savings on featured essentials. Check out our tax-free weekend page to learn more!


Is there a recommended computer for students?  

For students, we recommend the 13” Apple’s MacBook Air or the 14” Acer Swift 3. The great thing is, both of these computers are eligible for savings during tax-free weekend! The new Apple MacBook Air Retina 13” i5 with 8GB RAM and 128GB SSD is $1149 (with $50 off applied) and is available in Space Gray , Silver and Gold. The Acer Swift 3 14” Windows 10 i5 with 8GB RAM and 256 GB SSD  is $699 (with $50 off applied).

tax-free computers    acer swift tax-free


Why should we buy from you versus Apple-Best Buy-WalMart, etc.?

We are locally owned and have a convenient location just outside Green Hills Mall. With an easy to access entrance, just park, and walk in – no having to get in and out of the mall! We do repairs right here in the store, and are an Apple-Authorized repair center. Our team is knowledgeable about the products we carry, ready to answer any questions you may have and willing to spend time with you to make the best choice.


Take Advantage Of Tax-Free Weekend Savings!

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Ready to take advantage of Tax-Free Weekend? Forget waiting in long lines and overcrowded stores. Get the electronic items you need at a price you prefer. Check out our deals and pre-order your new computer! Stop in and visit us today, come in during Tax-Free Weekend, or give us a call at 615-492-3406!

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