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Our Services We Provide:


Computer PROS’ flagship product.  PROCareCloud is a complete care package for your computer.  It offers unlimited remote and in-store support for your Mac or PC.  It combines our award-winning help desk, with enterprise-grade antivirus and remote automated fixes of common issues, to keep your computer running like new!  On top of that, all of your data is securely encrypted on your computer, then backed up to the encrypted cloud (optional).  Discover what its like to have PROactive Maintenance, Antivirus, and Backup just like large companies do, for your personal computer, for a fraction of the cost!  Click HERE to learn more and to sign up!

The Installations You Need

When you need installations to keep your technology more reliable, technicians at Computer PROS can help you get the job done. Providing wireless network installations, operating system installations, and component installations, our professionals can optimize your technology so that your network runs faster and functions better.

Tests, Transfers, and Recovery

No one wants to have technological difficulties, especially when those difficulties result in losing precious files. If these difficulties occur, don’t fret! Professionals at Computer PROS are educated in all types of data transfers and recovery. Whether you need your data transferred to another device or you need to recover lost files, Computer PROS technicians have 100 years of combined experience that allow you to rest assured that they will transfer or recover data safely.

If you are experiencing issues with your device and you’re not sure what the problem is, Computer PROS can run diagnostic tests that search for the root cause of the issue. When our professionals run these tests, we deliver accurate diagnostics and appropriate, honest repair for your device.

Computer Repair Services

Need immediate assistance with your device? Computer PROS offers in-store repair, meaning that you can bring your computer in, and we’ll fix it right away. However, sometimes you can’t make it to the store when you’re having a computer issue. To help you in these situations, we offer on-site repair services. With our on-site repairs, Computer PROS sends a technician to your location, which alleviates our customers’ stress because we fix your IT problem no matter where you are.

Check Out Computer PROS Services Today

Repairs, installations, tests, transfers, and recoveries – Computer PROS has you covered. At Computer PROS, we are dedicated to providing you the IT services that you need when you need them. Call 615-383-8200 or schedule an appointment today!