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What is Data Transfer & Recovery?

Data transfers are a way of moving all of your data on a piece of technology over to a new one to avoid the loss of documents, pictures, etc.

If your files go missing, that is when data recovery comes into place. With data recovery, we can locate lost or deleted items on an unreadable hard drive.

Why should you let a professional service this for you?

When dealing with data, it is extremely important to let a professional do this service for you. With one wrong click of a button, all of your important files can be permanently deleted. Having a professional technician perform this service for you ensures that your data will be recovered quickly and efficiently.

How does Computer PROS help?

At Computer PROS, we are able to locate your data and documents and recover them back to how they were on your computer when they were lost. With our data transfer systems, we are able to transfer your data to a new computer in the exact way it was on your old one, making the process of accessing your documents easy and pain-free. We can also copy your data to an external hard drive, making it easy to move to another device. Our PROs are educated in all types of data recovery and transfers and are able to locate even the hardest to find documents.