Operating System Installation

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What is an Operating Systems Installation?

Installing an Operating System on your computer involves installing the latest version of Microsoft Windows® or Apple OSX on your computer, and Android or iOS on your tablet.

Why is it important to let a professional service this for you?

Allowing a professional to install your operating system ensures that your computer will update properly, your devices and drivers all function correctly and none of your data or files will be lost. In addition, if there’s a problem, and the Operating System is not installed properly, you could end up with the same problem as before.

How can Computer PROS help?

Throughout our years of service, we have worked on every brand and type of computer. This has allowed us to fine-tune our skills, and to be well educated and confident about working on any type of system.  You can rest assured when Computer PROS performs an Operating System installation that your computer will be running like new again!