Standard Diagnostic Services

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What are Standard Diagnostic Services?

Computer PROS Standard Diagnostic Services consist of a multi-point deep dive for failing hardware, corrupt software, and security threats.  We run our time-tested diagnostic tools to search for the root cause of the issue that you are experiencing with your device.

Why is it important to let a professional service this for you?

Our certified technicians have over 100 years of combined experience, so you can rest assured that when we run our Diagnostic Services, that we will not only correctly identify the root cause of your issue, but that none of your other hardware or software will be harmed in the process.  Without this level of experience, performing your own diagnostics could result in data loss, hardware failure and a much larger repair bill.

How can Computer PROS help?

Trust our Award-Winning service department to run a deep, thorough diagnostic on your device, and rest assured that you receive an accurate diagnostic, and the appropriate, honest repair to your device.