November 20, 2019

Tips For Buying A Computer

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4 Things You Need To Know Before Buying A New Computer


With the holidays quickly approaching, many are starting to think about gift ideas for their friends and family. But what do you do when your son or daughter asks for a new computer? Buying a computer is a big investment, and at Computer PROS, we want to make sure that you have all the information you need to find the best computer for your loved one. That’s why we put together a list of things you should consider before buying a computer.


1. Determine the Purpose

Will the new computer be used for school? Work? Will it be a computer for the family to share? These are the questions you need to think through first, before deciding on which computer to purchase. For example, if your mother wants a laptop so that she can watch cooking videos and read knitting blogs, then she won’t need a computer with an intense processing system. However, if your son is wanting a computer that will hold all of his school papers while still allowing him to download his favorite games, then he’ll need a computer that has more storage and a faster processor.


2. Decide Whether You Want a Desktop or a Laptop

After you’ve decided what the computer will be used for, then you can decide whether to buy a desktop or a laptop computer. Most desktop computers and laptops have the same capabilities, so the real decision here lies in whether you need to computer to be mobile or if you’re going to keep it in one place. If you’re purchasing a family computer, you may want to get a desktop so that your young kids can’t sneak the laptop to their room. If you’re getting your daughter a laptop for school, then you may want to get a laptop so that she can bring her computer to the library.


3. Choose an Operating System

An operating system is just a fancy way of saying which software supports your computer’s basic functions. Mac and PC are both examples of operating systems. The choice here really comes down to personal preference – are you accustomed to using Apple products, or do you prefer to use a PC? It’s always a good idea to choose the system that is familiar or that is compatible with your mobile device.


4. Consider the Features

The final step in choosing the right computer is considering the features that are most important to your loved one. Are they looking for slim design, super-fast processing, or a bright display? As you peruse your options, pay close attention to the details they have mentioned as being particularly important or problematic.


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